For years, Republican voters have been told the only way to win general elections is to nominate RINOs.If you nominate a RINO and win the general, you’ve lost anyway.Look at Romney.The Republican base is tired of being told to suck it up, hold our nose and vote for RINOs.

Cernovich on Twitter: “Kathy Barnette did her time and put it on her resume. She didn’t claim SOF, CIB, or that she deployed. She had totally normal peacetime reserve service. Dr Oz is such a joke that no one can explain why he’s great. SHOW ME YOUR PAPERWORK. lol she did. Sorry Oz sucks that bad.” 

Dana Loesch on Twitter: “@DrOz Oz just said he was “pro-Second Amendment” — but he repeats Bloomberg points on CDC and “gun violence,” he didn’t have an issue with ghost-written columns on red flags, etc., so how is this pro-#2A?”