My letter to the Republicans of Bedford County

Dear Bedford County Republican voter,

As your Pennsylvania Republican State Committee Member, an unpaid volunteer position, I wish to thank you for the privilege of representing your principles, values, and interests to the Pennsylvania State Republican Party. As your representative to the State Republican Party for the last 4 years, I have been able to cultivate relationships with other like-minded state party members from other counties in Pennsylvania so that in unison we have worked together to advance conservative values. I worked closely with other state party members in the effort to censure Senator Pat Toomey for his vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump and to insist that a roll call vote be taken on that vote.

My values are biblical. I am pro-life and pro-family. My guiding principles are limited government, low spending, and low taxation. I am a strong defender of the second amendment. Also, I am a veteran who served this nation as a US Navy intelligence officer, I am a strong supporter of our military veterans.

As a state committee member, I screen and vet Republican candidates for public office before the primary election, helping to ensure that only qualified and properly vetted candidates get nominated by the Republican Party. Indeed, I have proposed my suggested questions to other state committee members for their own use in vetting candidates.

As a lawyer, I am especially able to assess the merits of judicial candidates. I can review, evaluate, and critique their decisions & opinions. My legal experience and training have allowed me to increase my voice in the state Republican Party. I currently serve you on a special Legislative Review Committee that evaluates the merits of pending legislation before the state party takes any position on such legislation.

Finally, I demand transparency from government and prioritize transparency in carrying out the duties of my office. I believe in holding Harrisburg accountable. Our elected leaders must listen to our concerns. They must not waste our hard-earned dollars. With your vote, I can continue to serve you in this unpaid volunteer position.

I invite you to visit my Facebook page at or my website at to learn more about what I am doing as a PA Republican State Committee Member. Thank you for your attention. I ask that you please vote for me in the May 17 primary so that I can continue serving you. If you would like to help with my campaign, or have any questions, please telephone me at 814-283-5788.


Melvin C. McDowell

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