More kind words. This time from John Fielding:

“To my friends and colleagues in Bedford County:

I see that my good friend, Mel McDowell, is running for reelection to State Committee. I have known Mel for over 30 years. We were classmates at Temple Law School. Mel was always a clear, insightful, independent, and intelligent thinker on the matters discussed in and out of class. When we graduated, I followed his career with interest. While he did well, I think he could have done better if he “got along to go along.” But that is not Mel’s way. Others have made their legal and political careers by following the crowd. But I think that Bedford deserves an independent thinker that does not “go with the flow”. That would be Mel McDowell. I have been a member of State Committee before from Berks County, and I am the elected County Coroner. I am now, once again, a candidate from Berks County for State Committee. I can’t think of anyone I would rather have fighting by my side for the Republicans of Pennsylvania than Mel McDowell. He’s nobody’s man but yours. Please re-elect Mel to Republican State Committee.”

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