I greatly appreciate appreciation

As I read County Commissioner Barry Dallara’s letter to the editor of the Bedford Gazette, I was shocked at his iniquitous summation of his opponent. Perhaps it is because State Committee provides an opportunity to meet elected officials and activists who might be helpful in future campaigns. If I didn’t know any better, in his letter I would think he was talking about an opponent in the Democratic Party. He spoke about restoring credibility, fighting against evil socialists who attempt to impose values that restrict freedoms of Christian conservative Americans, gaining trust, and bring back respect as if these qualities were lost.

Bedford County citizens wisely elected Melvin McDowell to Republican State Committee and gained a respected member who serves well. Melvin McDowell and myself ARE the American Conservatives. It is people like us whom voters have put into office and who support the excellent candidates for some of the most difficult jobs. That is where the Democrats and their socialist ideas are stopped. Every four years each County gets to vote on their representative for State Committee and I have been on the ballot twice and won twice. I know and have worked with your incumbent, Melvin McDowell, and expect that you will reward yourselves with his expertise again this May 17.

Carolyn Bonkoski, PA State Republican Committee, Schuylkill County

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