Art Halvorson says that you should vote for me. I agree:

“Unfortunately, Politics is now a blood sport in America and even the GOP state committee election has turned ugly. False accusations were recklessly flung into the arena last week and deserve to be refuted.

Mel McDowell is our current volunteer male rep to the State Committee. County Chairmen across the state rave over his effectiveness at single-handedly steering an unwieldy do-nothing committee toward responsible Conservative policy. Mel’s unwavering Christian, Pro-Life principles and common-sense adherence to Constitutional absolutes have been broadly acclaimed. Mel McDowell is the Right guy for this position, he has earned a second 4-year term as he has significantly elevated Bedford’s reputation at the state level.

Perhaps the highest testament to his effectiveness is that the unaccountable Harrisburg Establishment will do anything to defeat him at the ballot box…by whatever means possible. Join me in re-electing Mel McDowell on May 17th and restoring integrity to the GOP State Committee.”

Art Halvorson

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