Reagan, McCain, and Sam McGee

THE GAME OF “GOTCHA,” as we practitioners of gotcha journalism call our craft (we call it a “craft” too), is getting way out of hand, people now tend to agree. The turn in the road seems to have come with George W. Bush’s famous interview several weeks ago with Andy Hiller, a “television journalist” (as they call themselves) from a TV station in Boston. As the world knows, Hiller asked Bush to name a number of international personages — the premier of Absurdistan, the president of Fredonia — and predictably enough the governor, having spent most of his political life in Texas, failed to fetch their identities from a memory bank already choked with the names of the Atascosa county commissioners, the fire marshal in Nocogdoches, and the deputy finance director of Jim Hogg county.

Source: Reagan, McCain, and Sam McGee

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