Four RINOs in the 13th Congressional District Reveal their True Colors

This voter’s guide from the American Family Association of Pennsylvania reveals that John Joyce, Travis Schooley, Bernard Washabaugh and Ben Hornberger are not conservative. In fact, they have apparently bought into the leftist agenda which seeks to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism and seeks to use the government to compel those who have moral objections to such to “get with the program”. Note that Hornberger actually states that he agrees with the U.S. Supreme Court decision which mandated recognition of homosexual unions in all 50 states, while wet noodles John Joyce, Travis Schooley, and Bernard Washabaugh opted out of expressing an opinion on the issue. Those moral cowards certainly cannot be trusted to protect your right to express your moral and biblical beliefs in the public sphere. Note also from their answers to or failure to answer other questions that this group is fine with transgenders serving in the military and enactment of statutes which would likely accelerate the rate at which confused persons seek to use the bathrooms and changing rooms of the other sex and the rate at which homosexuals and transgenders seek to have the state compel persons to exercise their creative talents in celebrating their sexual preferences, e.g. photographers, bakers, and florists.


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