U.S. District Court in Minnesota tells videographers they must celebrate homosexual unions.

Videographers Carl and Angel Larsen wish to use their expressive talents in the business of shooting wedding videos. The United States District Court for Minnesota has ruled that if they go into the business of making videos celebrating marriage between one man and one woman, then they must make films celebrating so-called  same-sex “marriages” as well.

This page at the Alliance Defending Freedom website provides additional details as does the following video:

Scott Wagner’s proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (see other posts on this website) would facilitate similar restrictions on the expressive rights of Christians in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Pennsylvania Family Institute has warned about Wagner’s bill.  Moreover, Evan Shircliffe, the incumbent I am running against for the position of Republican State Committee Member, announced his support of Scott Wagner long after Senator Wagner introduced these amendments and nearly 6 months in advance of the May 15th primary. Additionally, the state Republican Party as a whole endorsed Senator Wagner in February, 3 months in advance of the May 15th primary. You can depend upon me to speak out forcefully against the normalization and government endorsement of homosexuality and transgenderism, Mr. Shircliffe and the majority of the state Republican Party apparently not so much.

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