Did you watch the gubernatorial debate on March 7th?

On the evening of March 7, 2018, I watched a gubernatorial debate televised from the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Senator Scott Wagner lied again about his support of transgenderism, indicating his bill was not a bathroom bill. That is flat out untrue. I have read Senate Bill 974 (2015 Session) and Senate Bill 613 (2017 Session), both of which have Senator Wagner’s name on them as a sponsor, and they both expressly prohibit discrimination in facilities of public accommodation on the basis of sexual identity or sexual expression. As a lawyer who has been reading statutes for over a quarter century (nearly 30 years, if you count my time as a law school student), I can tell you this would be construed as giving a right to use the bathroom of the opposite sex. What’s more, there is a second section in the proposed amendments which expressly gives employees the right to wear clothes of the opposite sex on the job. I can’t see employees changing their clothes just to use the bathroom. Wagner is lying to our face and not expecting us to know any better. Anybody who lines up in support of him before the primary should have some explaining to do. Moreover, Wagner should be asked if he thinks Christians should have a voice in the Republican party.

Furthermore, the Pennsylvania Family Council sees the bill as I do.

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